The power of education

What if we could change the course of a family’s life by providing a path to post-secondary education? We can together.


Terra Centre is a non-profit organization that has been serving pregnant and parenting teens in Edmonton since 1971.

In November we began fundraising for our Post High School pgm which supports participants as they navigate life aft…
We're inviting Terra alumni (of all ages!) interested in public speaking on behalf of Terra to attend one of our up…
RT @PolicyWise: ICYMI PolicyWise will work to help link and integrate #data between C5 agencies to better understand client needs and impro…

Join us in raising $30,000 so more young parents can succeed after high school

Current amount raised: $37,379

Thanks to all our generous campaign donors for investing in the potential of our next generation and enabling more young parents to transform their lives through education.

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