Celebrating 50 Years of Empowering Teen Parents to Succeed

Terra is a non-profit organization that provides supports and services that empower teen parents to succeed.

@ShantelSherwood @keltiemarshall Thank you for bringing us attention. Your personal experience is very unfortunate… https://t.co/7CtaTjKXCv
Gleaning insight from great panelists at the #C4CSummit @myunitedway Looking forward to all the events over the n… https://t.co/0K219E6HVF
We have a fascinating history! In this video we share our amazing origin, what it was like in the early days of Te… https://t.co/kAnWqMeMCK

2020, is a year not to be forgotten and will be marked by ways that changed how we live, work, and connect. With nearly 50 years of experience, clear objectives, and an outstanding team of dedicated professionals we were well positioned to respond to the challenges brought on by a pandemic.

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