Program Stats

Between 2016-19, Terra and Louise Dean kept 73% of pregnant and parenting students in the program engaged in high school.

Who did we help in 2018?

  • 52% of participants are First Nations, Métis or Inuit.
  • 45% of participants had past or current Children Services Involvement.
  • 48% of participants had mental health concerns identified at intake.
  • 69% of participants graduated (25), aged out of the program (26) or continued in the program (26).

The Strengthening Hope program reduces financial barriers faced by young moms who want to complete their high school education at Braemar School.

Young moms registered at Braemar School in Edmonton or Louise Dean School in Calgary can access this provincially-funded program onsite at their respective schools. With the support of Terra staff, young moms access financial benefits that support housing, quality childcare and meeting their family’s basic needs.

Participants in the program have consistent onsite access to staff who support life skills development, parenting capacity and the achievement of educational goals.

We believe that providing support—financial and socio-emotional—to young moms working towards their high school diploma helps young parents build a strong foundation for their family’s future.