Meet three of our PHSTP donors and learn why they believe in our work.

Young parents often face unique challenges when pursuing post-secondary education or pre-employment training. Terra’s Post High School Transition Program (PHSTP) has been making a difference in the lives of pregnant and parenting teens since 2016. This 100% donor-funded initiative recognizes the importance of providing a tailored approach to support these young individuals in their transition from high school to higher education or vocational training.

One of the key insights Terra has gained through their work with young parents is the power of consistent, supportive relationships. Brain science supports the idea that having a safe and supportive adult in their lives is crucial for building resilience in young people. By being a consistent presence in the lives of our participants, we can help them develop resiliency skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

The PHSTP facilitator plays a vital role in this journey. They offer one-on-one support to young parents as they navigate the challenges of post-secondary education or training. This includes helping them understand new systems, access financial support, and balance their educational and employment goals with the demands of parenting.

The program focuses on several aspects, including planning for success in school or training, finding suitable childcare, completing applications for entrance to programs, and obtaining necessary certificates. Through the PHSTP, students are breaking down barriers, accessing invaluable guidance, and building the resilience needed to succeed in their post-secondary journey.

The PHSTP is accessible through Braemar School, our Edmonton Public School partner, to address the needs of pregnant and parenting teens, allowing them to complete their high school education. Additionally, pregnant, and parenting teens who are not enrolled in Braemar can join the program through referrals from other agencies.

Our dedication to providing this unique support system for young parents sets us apart and we are grateful for the support of donors who recognize the value of PHSTP. Donor support enables us to help teen parents achieve their goals of building stronger futures for themselves and their children.