Stephanie & Alycia are Registered Nurses who became friends while working at the hospital in the Labor and Delivery unit. Both women have a passion to help uplift those around them and do positive things in their community. Working at the hospital, they have seen first-hand the challenges and hardships many new moms face. 

In May of 2022 after discussions with Terra staff, they decided to make Terra their charity of choice for their event and planned a fun bowling night donation drive with friends and family. It was a success. A few weeks later, Stephanie and Alycia dropped off about $2,000 worth of diapers and had a quick tour of Terra. Staff shared more about the type of work Terra does to help teen parents and the impact donations like these diaper drives can have on the teen parents.

Being very inspired by the Terra vision, they decided to do another diaper drive for Terra in September of 2023. They nearly DOUBLED the number of diapers from the previous year! This is exactly the type of impact Stephanie & Alycia wanted to have, a chance to make a significant contribution towards a good cause. We are delighted that they chose Terra again. 

Stephanie & Alycia donation drop-off 2022
Stephanie & Alycia donation drop-off 2023

This is how they organized their event: 

  • They asked their friends and family to get together for a night of bowling and fun. 
  • During the event the family and friends were asked to donate diapers or make a monetary contribution towards the purchase of diapers.
  • They shared information with their friends and family about why they chose Terra Centre. 

Alycia is also the granddaughter of Margaret, one of Terra’s longest serving volunteers. Margaret has been a Child Care Support volunteer at Terra’s Child & Family Services Centre for more than 20 years! Margaret is dearly loved by the children and staff of Terra. 

Our community of support, including Stephanie & Alycia truly embody Terra’s Mission and Vision. They understand the value and impact that is possible when we work together as a community for the common good.

If you are inspired to host your own fundraiser for Terra you can learn more here.