At Terra, we know that all fathers are important in the lives of their children.

Terra offers the only parenting program in the region specifically for young dads. The program helps dads under age 25 build parenting skills and overcome barriers while focusing on how successes—small and large—have a positive impact on their children and their role as a father.

We assist with:
  • Employment searches
  • Schooling
  • Applying for sources of funding
  • Meeting basic needs
  • Legal assistance
  • Finding and using other community programs.

But most importantly, we’re here to support dads and ensure that they have a healthy, involved and meaningful role in their child’s life.

Research shows that dads who are engaged with their child improve in the areas of parental confidence, self-confidence, personal health, productivity and community participation.

Studies show that direct father engagement results in the following positive outcomes for children:

  • Enhanced cognitive development during infancy
  • Better than average social functioning in childhood
  • Higher educational attainment
  • Decreased likelihood of behaviour problems in adolescence
  • Lower rates of delinquency and criminal behaviour
  • Reduced likelihood of addictions including smoking, drugs and alcohol.
  • Better problem solving skills
  • Increase in personal control (less impulsive)
  • Higher level of emotional regulation
  • Increased self-acceptance
  • More positive peer relationships
  • Enhanced empathetic concern.