Terra has provided quality early learning and care for infants and toddlers at our Child and Family Support Centre at Braemar School since 1998.

While young moms complete their high school education at Braemar School, Terra provides a quality learning environment onsite for their children at our Child and Family Support Centre.

Having child care onsite at the school makes all the difference for young families—moms can visit their children outside of class time, have peace of mind knowing their children are only a few steps away and are fully supported to nurse if they choose.

A young mom at Braemar School spends time with her son between classes.

The centre accommodates 77 children ranging in age from three weeks to three years. This accredited program stimulates children’s natural curiosity and enhances growth in all areas of development. Our educators emphasize the parent and child relationship and help lay the foundation for healthy social interactions and relationships.

Alberta Government Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Centre

In April 2018, the Alberta Government selected our Child and Family Support Centre as an ELCC centre. Together with other centres in Alberta, we are helping to increase access to affordable, quality child care for families.


If you have questions about Alberta’s new Early Learning and Child Care centres, please contact ELCC@gov.ab.ca.

How to Enroll Your Child

Registration at our Child and Family Support Centre is only open to students attending Braemar School. Moms age 19 and under can visit our Starting Point page to learn more.