Why Donate to Terra?

When you make a charitable donation to Terra you make a difference in the lives of approximately 1,000 moms, dads and children. You will support young families that are motivated to move forward in their lives. Our agency has over 45 years of providing programs and services that build resilient and strong families. Terra participants develop skills in positive parenting, they return to school, make career plans, secure employment, learn how to have healthier relationships and connect with other community supports. Healthier families can offer more to the community and have positive impacts upon the communities in which they live. 

How to Give

Every charitable gift helps to make a positive impact and offers increased opportunity for success.  Whether you give once a year or every month, you are helping to build a strong foundation for our next generation, the children of teen parents. 

As a donor, you will receive regular updates about how young parents are succeeding and achieving their goals.

There are several easy ways you can make a donation to Terra. Each and every gift is greatly valued and appreciated. We ensure your contribution is directed to where the need is most pressing. We recognize we have an obligation to ensure your charitable gift is maximized to its greatest benefit. You have given thought and consideration to making a gift to Terra and we have a responsibility to steward your gift most effectively. Below are just some of the ways you can contribute:

Online Donations

Offline Donations

Monthly and One Time Gifts

These donations help to ensure the services we are offering are secured on an annual basis.  Generally these gifts are directed to the services that have the most pressing need, sometimes due to demand we need to expand the service. We have some services that do not receive ongoing funding from our core funders, such as housing services. Your charitable gift will help ensure we are able to maintain these services.

How your Donation Helps

  • $50 = cost of two monthly bus passes for two moms to attend school 
  • $50 = formula for one month for a baby
  • $100/month = funds to offer prenatal classes for 10 moms
  • $1000/a year = diapers for an entire year for one infant
  • $400/month = emergency accommodation for one family for 30 days
  • $500 = children’s books for a year for Terra’s literacy program


Diapers are always in high demand at Terra. Being able to access our Diaper Closet means that young families are able to fit other necessities into their budgets!

Tax Benefits Table – Tax Credits for Donations

Giving to Terra allows you to claim tax credits, reducing the cost of the gift to you. The below chart illustrates the refund you will receive based on the amount of donation made.

Amount of GiftFederal Income Tax CreditAlberta Provincial Income Tax CreditTotal Tax Credit

For more information, visit the CRA Tax Credit Calculator.