Empowering teen parents to succeed.


Teen parent families thrive and enrich our community.

Organizational Values

  • Person Centered | We are relentless in putting those we serve at the heart of our work
  • Respectful | We are inclusive and celebrate diversity
  • Collaborative | We build authentic relationships and partnerships
  • Innovative | We are creative trail blazers
  • Responsible | We ensure the sustainability of our core services

2017-21 Strategic Goals

  1. Deepen and strengthen core services to fully support teen parent families.
  2. Attract, engage and retain a mission-driven Terra team to enhance the ability of teen parents to succeed.
  3. Lead, collaborate and leverage strengths to transform attitudes and systems ensuring teen parents and their children can be full participants in our community.
  4. Grow a sustainable financial foundation and resource base to respond to the needs of teen parents and their children.