Program Stats

  • 97% of participants strongly agreed or agreed that Services for Educational Achievement staff have helped them with their ability to stay in school.
  • Since becoming involved in the program, 85% reported being more confident at a parent and 74% reported an increased ability to meet their family’s needs.
  • 83% noted that they are better at handling whatever comes their way.

Data collected from program participants in the 2018 Terra Talk Back Survey.

Services for Educational Achievement

Since 1998, the Services for Educational Achievement program has been operating onsite at Braemar School, an Edmonton Public School.

Parenting teens often experience an interruption in their education—high school or post-secondary studies—which is fundamental to continued success and quality of life. Specialized programming offered through the Terra and Braemar School partnership helps minimize that interruption. The program provides young moms with integrated social-emotional support services, a connection to community resources and supports for transitioning to post-secondary or career training.

We offer flexible, timely, family-centred supports in the areas of:

Participants in our program benefit by having responsive, relationship-centred support available onsite at Braemar School so they can focus on achieving their educational goals while building their parenting capacity.