To accomplish this, we are ensuring all staff are knowledgeable about culture, by integrating culture into employees’ daily practices and helping them understand that they are the bridges to culture for many of our young parents, especially those who may have been estranged from their First Nations, Métis or Inuit culture.

Cultural Supports programming offers ongoing opportunities for our staff, families and volunteers to learn about culture and the impact culture has on empowering young parents in raising resilient children.

Elsie Paul interacting with children at our Child and Family Support Centre

Elders, Kohkoms, helpers and Knowledge Keepers

At Terra we are integrating culture into our programs through participation in ceremony with Elders, our Kohkom in Residence program and by bringing in various helpers and knowledge keepers to share their cultural teachings, craft, song and dance. Our team of Terra Knowledge Keepers is at the core of our program success, not only because they are passionate about the impact of culture on raising resilient children, but because they are the liaisons to their program teams, and the ‘go to’ trusted connectors for their fellow employees on all things cultural.

Connecting to culture

Terra invites employees, participants, volunteers, board members and alumni to engage in a variety of cultural learning opportunities within Terra, with our C5 partner Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society and by attending cultural events in the community at large.


A current Terra participant who shares her culture and knowledge by offering a beading group to her peers at our Brentwood House location.

Ongoing opportunities have included:

  • Seasonal ceremonial sweats with  community Elders for Terra employees and participants.
  • Beading circle at Brentwood.
  • Cultural teachings, crafting and activities
  • Drumming group
  • Drum and rattle making
  • Traditional parenting workshops
  • Summer culture camp at Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society.
  • Powwows, round dances and other community ceremonies.