At Terra, our Volunteer Coordinator meets personally with each volunteer, and regularly afterwards to ensure you are getting the most out of your act of kindness. Some of the things our Volunteer Coordinator will do for you are:

  • Provide volunteer orientation and training
  • Meet with you to ensure your skill set is best utilized
  • Ensure an “open door” policy in order to support your questions and concerns at any time
  • Provide flexible, yet structured schedules that are adapted to your availability (However we do ask that volunteers have a schedule of consistency and open communication)
  • Invite you to attend agency events to further your knowledge of Terra and the work that we do

Terra has three sites where volunteer opportunities take place. Depending on the opportunity, placements can take place downtown at the main Terra office, at Braemar School, or at Brentwood House. Potential Volunteer Opportunities are:

  • Administrative Volunteer
  • Baby Cuddler Volunteer
  • Bingo Volunteer
  • Childcare Support Volunteer
  • Clothes Closet Volunteer-at  Braemar School
  • Gardening Volunteer
  • Kitchen Volunteer
  • Labour Support Volunteer (must be a certified Doula)
  • Special Events Volunteer
  • Tutoring Volunteer
  • Casual volunteer; bring your unique skills/interests to our young families as needed (ie: tax time clinic, photographer for special event)

Please note that not all volunteer opportunities listed have openings. At Terra, we place volunteers based on their skill set and where we feel is the best fit for you.

Applicants must be 18 or older, willing to attend an interview, provide references and complete a police and child welfare check.

If supporting teen parents in their efforts to be successful in raising healthy, resilient children and becoming contributing members of our community is important to you, we encourage you to contact us and begin your application process. At Terra, the value of your commitment is recognized not just by the organization, but by the families we serve.  They truly are grateful for the additional support volunteers provide.