A short video of highlights from our alumni get-together

We love hearing from people who lives connected with Terra in one way or another. Over the past 50 years we have made many connections and this fall we managed to host a small gathering to deepen those connections.

We were delighted to welcome past participants, staff, teachers, and of course children, to our new west end building. We enjoyed hearing their Terra stories and meeting adult children who came to the Centre as babies.

While we were together we took an opportunity to present June Isbister, Terra’s first official teacher (1973), with the Bette Walkey Award. Bette, a teen parent in the late 1960s was the driving force in starting what would later become Terra Centre for Teen Parents.

June Isbister, 97, was awarded the 2023 Bette Walkie Award for her dedication to the success of teen parents.

We are looking forward to future opportunities to connect and reconnect with those who have been touched by the work of Terra.

Our next get-together will be in April 2024. If Terra is a part of your past and you would like to stay connected, email: tmcgann@terracentre.ca