Prenatal Classes

Terra offers Prenatal Classes at no cost so that young mothers can learn the best ways to take good care of themselves and their baby before, during and after pregnancy.

Our classes provide information on:

  • Stages of labour and delivery
  • Pain medication options
  • Infant feeding options and techniques
  • Address questions and concerns participants may have

Each prenatal class is led by a Public Health Nurse in partnership with East Edmonton Health Centre, who is able to:

  • Provide support and education about labour and delivery
  • Provide information on healthy pregnancy and warning signs during pregnancy
  • Provide information on comfort measures, after care and helpful hints for new moms
  • Provide basic information on infant care (health, nutrition, feeding, diaper changing)
  • Provide information, support and referrals to address stress management and coping strategies.

Prenatal classes are offered over two evenings (Wednesday and Thursday) every six weeks to pregnant and parenting young women up to age 21. Each mom can bring one support person. Classes are 5 – 8 p.m. both evenings and are held at Terra Centre downtown location. Space is limited to 15 couples per session, with a light supper provided. Check our events calendar to see when the next offering takes place.

If you are interested in attending Prenatal Classes and Postnatal Classes and learning more about pregnancy in a comfortable, supportive environment, please visit our Starting Point page. Registering is easy and we can answer any questions you may have!

Positive and Practical Parenting Classes

Terra offers FREE co-ed parenting classes to young parents who are eligible. To take part, you do not need to be accessing other services with us.

Simply c
all, register and attend!

Our Positive and Practical Parenting Classes are an eight-week program that runs three times a year on Tuesday evenings. In the classes, young parents participate in group discussions, learn about topics such as parenting styles, child development, behaviours and health and safety, all while meeting and interacting with other teen parents.

We want moms and dads to feel comfortable and relaxed in our parenting classes, so they share their first-hand experiences and become a part of teachable moments. In a welcoming environment information and knowledge is shared in a meaningful way so teen parents can apply what they learn in their own homes.

Ultimately, we want young parents to leave these classes feeling more confident in their parenting style and more aware of best parenting practices.

Child care is provided on-site and light refreshments are provided.

Attendance in all eight classes is required to receive a certificate of completion.

If you are interested in taking part in Positive and Practical Parenting Classes, please visit our Starting Point page. Registration is easy and classes are an excellent way to connect with other young parents!