Karen Mottershead, Executive Director

Karen has served Terra in supporting its growth and development as a strong, relevant and collaborative community service provider since 1998. Karen’s strategic leadership enables the agency to act on new opportunities that help realize Terra’s mission. She has been a strong advocate to reduce barriers and increase opportunities for young parents and their children to succeed. She is a proud grandmother to her two granddaughters whose presence remind her that every interaction contributes to shaping the future of children.

Email: kmottershead@terracentre.ca

Rhanda Bonet-Graham, Director Fund Development

Rhanda is a fund development professional with 15+ of experience working in the nonprofit sector. She is a candidate for the Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership degree from Carleton University. A passionate advocate of gender equality, and specifically feminist movements and grassroots women’s organizations, Rhanda is also a trained amateur singer, a lover of travel, food, and languages.

Email: RBonet-Graham@terracentre.ca

Danny  Allen, Director Program Development and Delivery

Danny has been working in the nonprofit sector with a focus on organizational collaboration, reduction of systemic barriers and innovative support for children, youth, and parents. At Terra, Danny directs program delivery and development for participants. He is passionate about leadership, professional staff development, and optimizing program capacity. Danny is a husband and father, and a proud Edmontonian. His continuing mission is to support holistic wellbeing for the upcoming generations of this city.

Email: dallen@terracentre.ca

Devendra Karki, CPA, Director of Finance

Devendra is a Chartered Professional Accountant  (CPA) with more than 10 years of accounting experience in charity sector including Senior Leadership level. He has a masters in Arts and Bachelor in Sociology where his spirit for serving the community comes from. He feels our actions are the outcome of the socio-economic condition of our society and that we should search to understand the socio-economic culture that creates our behaviours.

Email: dkarki@terracentre.ca