Children are at the heart of our work. 

Every day, Terra works in partnership with our young parents to help ensure their children get the very best starts in life.  

We provide best-in class, intentional, early learning and development programming at our Braemar School site. We are working towards completing our new Parent & Child Engagement space to offer this intentional, life-changing early developmental program to the families connected to Terra outside of Braemar School.

We know that the right support at the right time makes the world of difference for our families. At our old downtown building we faced many limitations to providing our relationship-focused supports and services. These limitations drove the need for us to embark on a capital campaign to ensure we could better meet the emerging needs of teen parent families. We purchased a pre-existing office building at 10320 – 146 Street and are transforming it into a welcoming, inclusive family hub.

We are in the final phase of our capital campaign that includes the renovation of the main floor of our new home. We have reached 81% of our campaign goal and are eager to cross the finish line and complete the renovations that will support our work. This will allow us to expand our program offerings, including expanding our early learning and development programming to impact more of our families.

The Parent & Child Engagement Space is designed to promote and enhance positive interactions
between parents and their children. It is a safe, comfortable, and welcoming area where parents and
children can engage in a range of activities and experiences that foster learning, relationship building,
and social development.

This space will also make room for groups and programs that will provide parents and caregivers opportunities to strengthen their skills, attitudes, and behaviours to support their child’s holistic growth, learning and development. Recognizing that the well-being of the family and the child are linked, programs will combine social, psychological, and educational supports for teen parents, their children, as well as extended family members who participate.   

Our new program spaces have enabled us to serve teen parents and their children in ways we never have before. As a space designed with teen parents in mind, we can offer a full range of programs and services that will support families in developing the skills and competencies they need to thrive and live healthy lives. The completion of the renovations in our new building will lead to better outcomes for teen parents, their children, and the greater community.

Cooking Program in our new Collective Kitchen

To Learn more about the final phase of our capital campaign visit our Building Stronger Futures page.