As a registered Edmonton charity, Terra relies on community support to provide our multi-faceted supports and services to the young people we serve. Gifts of time, money and in-kind donations help us meet the individual needs of each parent and provide them with the tools necessary to be the best parents they can be, at no cost to them.

Many of our young parents refer to Terra as the support system they never had, and to us, that speaks volumes. Parenthood is a journey and learning experience for all parents, but when a parent begins that journey without support, it can seem overwhelming…even impossible.

We want to be there to make those first steps easier for our young parents, and to support them as they navigate their way through to promising futures for themselves and for their children.

If you have the ability to see the potential in young parents, and see the value in creating promising futures for young families, we welcome you to get involved. Every helping hand is a new opportunity, and at Terra, a helping hand never goes unappreciated.