Donors are key to our work and enable us to carry out our mission of empowering teen parents to succeed. We are deeply appreciative for the support of so many generous individuals and companies who believe in the potential of our young families.

For a list of our 2018 donors, click here.

Future Builders

Terra gratefully acknowledges the special support of our Future Builders circle of donors. Together, they are ensuring a bright future for Terra and the young families we serve. Future Builders have thoughtfully included us in their long term plans through a planned gift or have made an outright gift to our endowment fund at the Edmonton Community Foundation.

If you are planning for the future and are interested in making a legacy gift to Terra, we would be happy to provide you with additional information and resources to help you and your advisors achieve your philanthropic goals. Please contact Donna Ma at 780-428-3772 for more information. Alternately, if you have already included us in your plans, please let us know so that we can celebrate your gift now and officially include you in this very special group of donors.

  • Valerie Boisvert
  • Margaret R. Brooks
  • Mariesa Carbone
  • Bert and Joyce Cook Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation
  • Karen L. Daam
  • Derrick Golf and Winter Club – Ladies Golf Group
  • Jeffrey Dick & Debbie Jeannotte
  • Elaina Dorsey
  • Dennis and Judy Dube
  • Barbara Dussault
  • Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation
  • Eldon & Anne Foote Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation
  • Wendy Florence
  • Stella Gammie
  • Ricki Golick
  • Krista Goretzky
  • Kathy Hawkesworth and Gary Kriviak
  • Jac’y Hayter Achieving Dreams Together Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation
  • Carmen Haywood
  • Barbara Hoff-Morin
  • Janet Howell
  • DeAnn Hunter
  • Jennifer Jennax and Trevor Hughson
  • Jim Klingle & Wendy Doughty
  • Mellissa D. Kraft
  • Karen Kvill
  • Peder Lodoen
  • Katherine Audrey Lowe
  • Maureen Barnes and Joe Dolan Award Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation
  • Meghan DeRoo McConnan
  • John A. Meston
  • Camela Miles
  • Wayne & Karen Mottershead
  • Sylvia Nasseri
  • Abilio & Jennifer Nunes
  • Charlie & Suzanne Nunn
  • Optimax Benefits (Earl Shindruk)
  • June Panteluk
  • Della Paradis
  • Pro Active IT Management
  • Rosemary Robins
  • Marilyn Ann Slemko
  • Sylvia Nasseri Education Fund for Terra at Edmonton Community Foundation
  • Terra Nutrition Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation
  • The Family of Toby Levy Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation
  • Amy Walchuk
  • Barry & Valerie Walker
  • George & Roberta Wells

We have made every effort to ensure these lists are complete and accurate. If we have made an error or omission, please accept our apology and contact our office at 780-428-3772 and we will correct our records.