The Board of Directors advances and safeguards Terra’s mission. The Board is responsible for long-term strategic planning and direction. It defines Terra’s organizational culture, values and operating principles. The Board works as team with the Executive Director who manages operations.

Major Duties of the Board

  1. Oversees the development and approval of the strategic plan.
  2. Approves the annual budget.
  3. Safeguards the agency’s mission, vision and values.
  4. Governs the agency through board policies.
  5. Selects and supports an Executive Director; regularly reviews and evaluates the Executive Director’s performance.
  6. Accounts to the public and funders.
  7. Ensures proper management of the agency’s resources.
  8. Regularly reviews the agency’s services to ensure that they are consistent with the purpose of the agency and that its programs are effective and relevant to community needs.
  9. Represents the agency to the community.


  • Minimum of a three year commitment (one term) with the opportunity to renew for a second term, an additional three years.
  • Board meets monthly, on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. with the exception of December, July and August.
  • Ad hoc or standing committee work; one meeting for two hours per month.
  • Annual planning day.

General Profile

  • Reflects the vibrant diversity of the communities we serve.
  • Is an active participant in their own community or the community at large.
  • Brings a personal interest in helping build strong, healthy young families.
  • Has some knowledge, skills, and/or experience in community-based services.
  • Ability to attend monthly board meetings and participate on committees.
  • Willingness to share personal skills, expertise and experiences to advance the mission.
  • Desire to serve; willing to invest working capital.
  • Has an orientation to the future.
  • Willingness to learn and grow, to learn about our population and their challenges.
  • Skills to work effectively with others; is a respectful communicator.
  • Willing to support and participate in fundraising.
  • Financial contribution as personal circumstance permits.