There are many factors that can impact young parents’ ability to find and maintain stable, affordable housing, including lack of references, inexperience living on their own, discrimination by landlords and age requirements. We’ve partnered with Brentwood Community Development Group to reduce some of these barriers for our young moms and dads. We offer housing programs for current and alumni Terra participants who qualify.

We believe that a safe, secure, low-stress home environment benefits both parent and child. With proper supports and opportunities, young families can become an integral part of their neighbourhoods, communities and city.


Successful Families Program

Successful Families is a partnership between Terra and Brentwood Community Development Group. The program provides teen parents access to safe, secure and subsidized housing in the Woodcroft community in Edmonton. The subsidy is based on income and participants have the ability to live at Brentwood long after they successfully complete the program.

Successful Families uses an Eviction Prevention through Skill Development model that empowers participants to maintain their homes, reduce social isolation and engage the community around them. Through group activities, community engagement and in-home visitation, Housing Support Workers support teen parent families to develop life-long skills to enjoy secure tenancy and experience belonging in their community.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Homeless Partnering Strategy.