Through the Terra Brentwood Housing Program, moms and dads can access subsidized supportive housing. Although safe and affordable housing is of utmost importance we also focus on supporting them to be successful citizens of the Brentwood and a larger community.  Our Housing Family Outreach Worker provides home visitation and, is able to provide support and resources to our young families, as well organizes group activities that create opportunity for them to interact with one another. This reduces social isolation for both our young parents and their children.

Here are some other ways our Housing Family Outreach Worker supports young parents;

  • Provide in-home parenting support about child development, career/educational counselling and  referrals  and support to access additional community resources
  • Host groups; related to parent child activities, leisure opportunities and topics of interest. Provide you with support related to funding and budgeting to ensure housing is secure
  • Advocate for you regarding funding support with Alberta Works  or Student Funding
  • Provide you with referrals to community resources like the food bank, early childhood development programs, and employment supports.
  • Assist you with understanding tenancy requirements : review lease, suite inspection checklist and other housing agreements/documents.

It is Terra’s belief that a safe, secure, low stress home environment benefits both parent and child. With proper supports and opportunities to become contributing members of society, young parents are able to create a future for their family that allows them to be an integral part of the social fabric of their neighbourhoods, communities, and city.

If you are a young parent interested in learning more about our teen housing program (Terra Brentwood Housing Program), we encourage you to check out our Starting Point page. Our Starting Point Support Worker is ready to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need to apply!