Terra is a founding member of C5 alongside four other community agencies:

Together we give a voice to over 30,000 Edmontonians.


We’ve come together to work differently – and better – for children and families through collaboration. That means working to overcome barriers in the system and collaborating on specific initiatives:

  1. Relentless Connectors – We’re pooling our resources and building broader partnerships to support families who are often overwhelmed by the system. Our frontline workers effectively connect families in crisis to the resources they need so that:
    • Their children avoid being taken into care
    • The family is supported in becoming healthier
  2. Ubuntu – Collaborative Service Delivery – The Ubuntu CSD (Collaborative Service Delivery) Program, is an innovative approach to child and family support which leverages a network of partner agencies and Children’s Services to create customized support for children, youth, and families in North East Edmonton. Ubuntu offers a continuum of culturally aligned, community-based, family and child centered services. Ubuntu is one point of access to a streamlined set of services that leverages the expertise of the C5, including EMCN.


Together, as a knowledgeable community resource, we inform and influence social policy and we are a sounding board for decision makers in all levels of government. Most importantly we bring the voices and perspectives of the thousands of people we work with, shaping policy and decisions to truly reflect their realities, hope and dreams.