There are two sections of Terra’s youth leadership programming:
  • Peers Education Peers Programming (Presentations and Peer Leaders Group)
  • Ambassadors Program

Peers Educating Peers (PEP)


The Peers Educating Peers Program is an interactive presentation that is shared by Terra with Junior and Senior high schools and other audiences of interest. The presentation is student-led with the assistance of a Terra facilitator. The presentation demonstrates the realities and challenges of being a teen parent.

Some of the topics included in the presentation are:

  • Media representation of teen parents
  • Sexual habits (safe/unsafe) of Canadian teens
  • Contraception use of Canadian teens
  • Financial difficulties faced by young parents
  • Social life (before/after baby)
  • Family dynamics
  • Legal responsibilities for young fathers

The PEP Program is an excellent tool in preventative education. Our goal is to inform students between grades 7-12 about the realities of being a young parent so they can make more informed decisions when it comes to sexual health. At the same time, the program empowers young parents by providing them with a meaningful platform to share their stories and an opportunity to reduce the stigma surrounding teen pregnancy.

Terra makes it a priority to remain well-informed of sexual health information continually researching and staying connected with professionals within the community to ensure quality, accurate information at all times. The program is formatted to include all communities and genders, embracing the importance of all students (including those who identify as LGBTQQ2SA) receiving relevant information.


Young moms and their children participating in a PEP presentation at a local high school, led by Terra’s Peers Educating Peers facilitator.

If you are interested in having Terra’s PEP program present at your school or place of employment, please contact:

Talia at

Peer Leaders Group

This youth leadership program aims to promote personal growth for young parents through shared experience and sexual health education.

Participants explore values, how they relate to others, and cover topics related to maintaining and building healthy relationships so that they can build confidence to be leaders in their daily life.

The group runs out of the Terra downtown location for eight weeks consecutively twice a year.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is a voluntary youth leadership program that is offered at Braemar School and is open to all students in attendance. The program is delivered  by the Terra Youth Leadership Facilitator and supports young moms in gaining confidence and building strong, healthy relationships with their peers and partners. It also promotes an awareness of community and creates opportunities to give back and change the negative perceptions of teen parents.

Participants in the Ambassador Program are offered training in public speaking, networking and media relations and are encouraged to volunteer in the community throughout the year. Students in this program are provided the opportunity to speak at both agency and external community events.

Through this leadership program, students have volunteered to prepare meals for the homeless at Bissell Centre, represented Terra at major events, attended educational retreats, and thanked donors with personalized phone calls.

Terra believes greatly in the value of increasing the network of social support for our young parents and developing effective skills in communication, problem solving, and community citizenship. The Ambassador Program strives to promote this through new experiences and group teachings.

Promising Futures 2015-9006

Ambassadors representing young parents at our 2015 Promising Futures fundraising event.