Program by the Numbers

  • 37 Peers Educating Peers presentations
  • 34 Ambassadors groups
  • 78 Youth Leadership participants
  • 467 volunteer hours*

Data from 2019, except bullet denoted by (*) which indicates data from 2018.

The Youth Leadership program runs two distinct activities: Peers Educating Peers and Ambassadors. Both activities focus on developing soft skills including leadership, teamwork and communication skills, by providing teen parents with opportunities to contribute to their community.

Peers Educating Peers (PEP)

Peers Educating Peers is a presentation aimed at junior and senior high school students, post-secondary students and the general public, that explores the realities and challenges of being a teen parent. Terra participants involved in the program receive public speaking and communication training before co-delivering the presentation with the Youth Leadership facilitator.

The Peers Educating Peers program believes providing accurate information to teenagers empowers them to make informed decisions about their sexual behaviour and raising awareness about the realities of teen pregnancy can help reduce stigma in the community. Young parents who participate in the program gain confidence, public-speaking skills and feel that their story adds value to the community.

Presentation topics can include:

  • Media representation of teenagers and their behaviour.
  • Contraceptive options and use among teenagers.
  • Impact pregnancy and parenting has on relationship with partner, social life with friends/activities and family dynamics.
  • Financial realities of young parents (not included in junior high presentations).

We make it a priority to be well-informed about sexual health. The presentation is formatted to include all communities and genders, including those who identify as LGBTQQ2SA.

If you are interested in having a PEP presentation for a group that you work with, please contact the program facilitator at 780-263-2355.

The Youth Leadership facilitator and Terra participant Katt and her daughter presenting to University of Alberta nursing students.


Ambassadors is a voluntary component of the Youth Leadership program onsite at Braemar School. The program supports young moms in gaining confidence and building strong, healthy relationships with their peers.

Terra believes in the value of increasing the network of social support for our young parents and developing effective skills in communication, problem solving and community citizenship. Ambassadors promotes this through volunteer opportunities and a weekly facilitated group that focuses on skill development.

To learn more, please contact Holly Strang at or 780-263-2355.

Ambassadors at the 2017 Promising Futures Fundraising Breakfast.