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For 50 years Terra has been empowering teen parents to succeed. We have walked alongside thousands of teen moms and dads and watched them build strong futures for themselves and their children. Our programs and services have continuously evolved to the changing needs of the community, and we have met many partners along the way.  Our supporters have cheered us on and our donors have given generously to help us meet the complex needs of teen parent families.


50th Anniversary Block Party

The Terra Block Party was certainly an event to remember, and we are grateful to all those who were able to join us on that special day.

We were honoured to have Terra families past and present, current and former staff and community members come together for a day of celebration and community building.  Having our new home in a neighbourhood is important – it gives our families a sense of community and reminds them that they belong.  The Block Party reminded us that this couldn’t be more true.

See some of our photos from the Terra Block Party

Inspirational Videos


Highlights during our anniversary Year

September 10, 2022: Terra Block Party

June 3 2022:

January 2020: Moved into our new building in the community of Grovenor.

August 2021: Listen to Terra Executive Director, Karen Mottershead, and Terra Alumna, Barb Hoff-Morin, talk about Terra’s history, programs, participant challenges, and more, on The Well Endowed Podcast, Episode 102. The Well Endowed Podcast is produced by Edmonton Community Foundation.

June 2021: Mayor Don Iveson, proclaims June 11, 2021 as Terra Centre Day. See proclamation and read more here.

June 2021: High Level Bridge lights up in green and orange to recognize the start of Terra’s 50th anniversary year.