June 11, 2021

Edmonton ‑ Terra Centre for Teen Parents held its second annual Laughs Over Lunch virtual fundraising event on June 10th. The 1-hour program featured comedy entertainment by Rapid Fire Theatre and a moving and inspirational impact speaker.

LOL raised over $90,000 to support a new funding initiative for Terra – the Stronger Futures Fund. This new fund will enable Terra to support young parents in new areas of their lives and help them enter the workforce.

The day also marked the start of Terra’s 50th anniversary and the event featured some of Terra’s earliest participants and staff who reflected on what being a teen parent in Edmonton was like 50 years ago. The event also celebrated the amazing accomplishments of the many young parents Terra has touched over the last half-century.

Terra has remained steadfast over these years assisting teen moms, young dads and their children to realize their full potential. Tens of thousands now live the Terra vision; “Teen parent families thrive and enrich our community.”

The City of Edmonton has proclaimed June 11, 2021, as Terra Day in recognition of 50 years of excellence in serving teen parents and their children.

Young parents 50 years ago were deeply committed to building strong healthy families. They were full of determination. That helped to pave the path to Terra today and we continue to follow their lead in charting our future. We acknowledge that includes supports for healing from trauma and supports for rising above poverty.

“Terra is a truly unique agency in providing services for young moms, dads, and their children, and we are grateful to be recognized on this day by the City of Edmonton,” says Karen Mottershead, Executive Director for Terra. “We have 50 years of agency experience working with teen parents and it’s with this expertise that we will plan for future success in inspiring lives and creating community enriched by teen parent families.”


Mayor, Don Iveson’s Video Proclamation