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Learn why our amazing volunteers are contributing their time and talents to help Terra achieve our ambitious goal.


As the daughter of a young single mother, I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of Terra’s work supporting parents and families. Terra’s new centre will allow for the expansion of their work and the realization of their vision to build stronger futures. I’m honoured to play a role in helping them to achieve their fundraising goals. 

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I have had the honour of meeting many teen parents that have been impacted by Terra. Their stories all have a common message of Terra being a place of hope, welcome, and community. The new space will enable Terra to deepen their role as a key community builder and impact many young lives.

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As an alumnus, I have first-hand experience with Terra. My story, my experience, the success I’ve had in my life illustrate the profound, multi-generational impact Terra’s program has had in my life as a result of the support I received from Terra at a critical time in my life. Terra’s new building will give them the resources to ensure current and future needs can be met and stronger futures can be built that leaves a generational impact.

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Teen parents face the challenge of meeting not only their own development needs at a time of significant growth, but also the needs of their children. By supporting Terra and this project I believe we can help deepen and widen the supports and services provided and empower young families to thrive now and into the future.

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Terra keeps children at the heart of their work. As an educator I know that children can thrive when they get the best start in life and Terra’s delivery of high-quality services fills me with hope for young families in Edmonton. I am proud be a part of ensuring more families in our community have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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To learn more about Terra’s exciting building project or how you can get involved, contact Kejina Robinson, Director, Fund Development, or 587-336-1564