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Group Programs



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Information about 2023 Groups and Programs will be posted soon.


Braemar Students


Reception:   (780)466-1156 ext 1

SEA Workers

  • Andrea
  • Jenessa
  • Sarah

Post High School Transition

  • Gracia
  • Daria

Family Support Liaison – Noor Hooda

Mental Health Therapist  – Becci  587-340-4747


On-site Mental Health Support
Please talk to your SEA Worker about scheduling an appointment with Becci. You can also contact Becci directly at 587-338-4370 or visit her in the Student Services Office (Room 13)

Adolescent Pregnancy Clinic
The Adolescent Pregnancy Clinic at the Royal Alexandra Hospital is OPEN:  for information or to schedule an appointment, please call (780) 735-6892