My Mommy, the Mirror and Me

A Learning Story by Olivia Murray


Kairo, today after you were finished nursing, your mommy brought you over to the mirror. She held you so that you could stand and asked, “Who’s that handsome man?” You waved your arm and gave a small smirk as you looked at the mirror together.

Mom put you in the mirror and you started to protest. She got down on your level and started talking with you, “Look, it’s you!” She laid with you and kissed your head over and over. The more she talked and kissed you, the more relaxed you became.

When mom saw you were relaxed, she started pointing at the mirror again. She talked with you, and you babbled in response. You started to play, lifting your legs up in the air and waving your arms around. It looked as though you were trying to reach out and touch the baby looking back at you.

What this means: 

Kairo, your mom took extra time today to make sure you felt safe and happy. She could have taken you out of the mirror as soon as you started to cry, but instead she laid down with you and made sure you knew you were safe.

When your mom had to go back to class, you stayed and played happily in the mirror for almost 10 more minutes! Your interactions with mom seemed to fill you with confidence.

Opportunities and possibilities:

Parents have the power to help their children feel on top of the world. In this case, Jayme helped Kairo feel a sense of security. She gives him her time and confidence, which in turn helps Kairo to build a positive self-image, as well as branch out and explore something new. ​

Thoughts from Mom

“I can see that I’m helping him to recognize himself. He likes looking at himself in the mirror.” (Turns to Kairo) “He gets to see that handsome face, yes my handsome.” ​

​Jayme is making intentional decisions, encouraging Kairo to develop his skills. They are joyfully exploring and learning together.