About our In-Kind Donation Program

Every day, Terra works with teen parents, many of whom are facing significant challenges. The families we work with are strong and resilient, but sometimes require a little extra help and that’s where our Clothes Closets come in! Thanks to generous community in-kind donations, Terra is able to respond to the essential needs of teen parent families.

Join us in raising $25,000 to support the ongoing operations of Terra’s Clothes Closet and Diaper programs!

Clothes Closet Community Fund

As with all things, ongoing maintenance and operations are required to keep things going and our Clothes Closets are no exception. We’re grateful for our volunteers and community donors, but there are often things we require that aren’t part of our in-kind donations program. The Clothes Closet Community Fund is a community-based fundraiser to help Terra raise $25,000 to support the ongoing operations of our Clothes Closet and Diaper programs. Funds will be used to support maintenance, operations and to support participant needs that may not be in stock. At Terra, we believe that the community makes us stronger, so we are looking to the amazing community to help us ensure we can continue to make a difference in the lives of teen parent families.

How can I help?

We’re better together so grab your friends or colleagues to help us make a difference! Our goal is for 10 groups to host a small fundraising event that raises $2,500 each, that will bring us to our goal.  We’d love to help you brainstorm ways to engage your group around this campaign, so please send a note to Braede, bharris@terracentre.ca to chat about your ideas.  If hosting a third-party fundraiser isn’t for you, you can make a donation to the campaign here.

If you aren’t able to fundraise, that’s fine too! You can help us by amplifying this campaign! Feel free to share our social media content or tell your friends and networks.

Building Stronger Futures

Terra’s new Clothes Closet is an important cornerstone resource at our new Terra West building. This building is a legacy for Terra and we want to offer you the opportunity to be a part of our lasting legacy. To acknowledge and recognize Clothes Closet Community Fund donors, an appreciation plaque will be erected in our donations area.

Groups or individuals who donate $2,500 will have the opportunity to be a part of Terra’s forever history with their name listed proudly for community members and participants to see.



A: That’s a great question! Our Clothes Closets rely on items donated from the community, but we often have costs to maintain this resource that can’t be donated.  Our Clothes Closets are a resource for our families that don’t fall under any specific program funding.

A: Funds raised will support Terra in maintaining and operating the Clothes Closets at Braemar School and Terra West, ensuring that volunteers have the tools they require to manage, sort, and launder donations. Funds will also be used to purchase items that are needed by our families but may not be in stock. We occasionally help our families create special moments with gift cards.

A: We are grateful for all support, but this particular campaign is focused on operating our Clothes Closets. If you’d like to donate items, check out what we are currently in need of here.

A: Not at all! If you are interested in donating directly to support Terra’s campaign, you can do so here. Thank you!

A: Absolutely! We’re here to help you however you need. If you have questions or need ideas, email bharris@terracentre.ca and we’ll be happy to help!

A: Yes! If you are collecting donations and donors require a tax receipt, we are happy to issue them! Email bharris@terracentre.ca and we’ll make sure your generous donors receive an official charitable tax receipt.