We know that with the right kind of support, teen parents are able to develop the skills and competencies they need to be successful parents and raise healthy children.

Terra had been operating out of our downtown building since 1997. Purchased initially as an office building, this space served the agency well, but over time it became clear that the building limited our capacity to address the needs of our families — current and future. 

Despite Terra’s proven impact and successful 50-year history, our downtown location presented significant barriers that prevented us from helping all those who seek our support. 

  • The building was aging with a limited ability to renovate or retrofit.  
  • It had no elevator and lacked accessibility.  
  • There was limited storage space which significantly reduced the amount of donations we could accept and offer to our families.  
  • It had no potential to provide critical employment and educational programming with no computers available for our families. 
  • The limited space restricted our capacity for group programming, early learning, and child development activities.  
  • No potential for intentional child development programming which limited how we could respond to children’s developmental needs, including assessment and referrals.  
  • No ability to address food security challenges without dedicated kitchen facilities.  

We know that our teen parent families deserved a new place to call home, and so our journey began. Learn more about our vision for a new building here: