I’m a teen parent or I’m about to become one. How do I know if I’m eligible for Terra’s services?

Young moms must connect with Terra before they turn 20 and young dads must connect before they turn 25. You must be living in Edmonton. Visit our Starting Point page to learn more.

I’m afraid to tell the people in my life that I’m pregnant. Will Terra disclose this information?

Terra’s programs and services are voluntary and all information that you disclose to us is confidential.

pexels-photo-54289-largeI’m afraid that my child could be taken away from me. Can Terra remove my child from my care?

We work collaboratively with Child and Family Services to ensure that all children that we work with live in a safe environment, but Terra does not have the authority to remove your child from your care.

What is Terra doing to prevent teen pregnancy?

Terra has been delivering the Peers Educating Peers program for over 30 years as a prevention strategy for  junior and senior high school students in the Edmonton area. This program is a peer-led discussion on the realities and challenges of being a teen parent. Young parents that are currently connected with Terra lead an open, honest and engaging discussion with their peers. A facilitator from Terra also attends to lend support in guiding the conversation and conducting exercises to illustrate some of the unique challenges a young parent can face, such as financial limitation, social stigma and legal responsibility. We deliver these presentations to thousands of students annually.


Can I donate to a specific family at Terra?  

When we receive donations, we direct them to the area of greatest need. Terra does not match donors to specific families, because we believe every family deserves equal opportunity to be supported to reach their goals.

I’m a teen parent in need of a place to live. Can Terra help?

Terra has two housing support programs: our Successful Families program is for participants who have been involved with Terra for at least six months and who have a stable income; our Project Touchdown program is for Terra participants or alumni who are currently enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program.

Do you have a question that has not been answered here? We encourage you to contact us by calling 780-428-3772. We are always happy to help!