When it comes to the work that Terra does to serve teen parents, our Family Outreach Workers are at the front-line working directly with young parents in the community and providing them with the services, supports, and necessities they need to build better lives for themselves and their families.

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Family Outreach Services supports 250 young families each year using a holistic approach that incorporates the extended family and natural supports. After all, there are a variety of different types of families, and we know that the greater the reach of our services, the greater opportunities there are for success!

It can be difficult to sum up what Terra Family Outreach Workers do for young parents because their work varies significantly depending on each parent’s personal goals.

On a regular basis, our Family Outreach workers:
  • Help families to set goals, break them into steps, work towards these goals and revise the plan if needed
  • Provide information and support, regarding healthy relationships
  • Provide referrals to help access prenatal classes, prenatal health care and finding labour support
  • Help young families meet their basic needs
  • Provide referrals and help discover agencies that address funding, housing, childcare, legal issues, addictions, health of child/self, mental health, cultural needs, etc
  • Help new young families access new and gently used baby clothing, baby furnishings, diapers, formula, etc
  • Provide guidance and information with life skills, such as cooking, buying groceries, keeping house, banking, and paying bills
  • Provide resources, information, guidance and referrals regarding education and employment
  • Provide support and education about child development and meeting developmental milestones
  • Assess your child’s  development
  • If there are concerns about child development, provide referral, advocacy and support to connect children and their parents with early intervention programs and health professionals
  • Teach infant/child care (health, nutrition, feeding, diaper changing),
  • Identify  bonding and  attachment strategies to build strong  relationships between parent and  child
  • Connect young families with community programs, play groups, recreation opportunities
  • Provide information and resources related to parenting strategies
  • Provide parenting resources and guidance in child-proofing a home and use of car seats
  • Provide information and support about choosing childcare
  • Provide information, advocacy and referrals to help young parents to have time with their children
  • Provide information, support and referrals to address stress management and teach coping strategies

As you can see, Family Outreach Workers offer parenting advice and support in an all-encompassing way, and make it a priority to meet the needs of each participant. That’s because:

Our front-line staff believe strongly that young families have potential and when they are offered the support, information and the resources they need, they become empowered, making healthier choices for themselves and their children.

Do you think that having a Terra Family Outreach Worker could make a difference in your life? We encourage you to visit our Starting Point page! Our Starting Point worker would be happy to chat with you, answer your questions, and guide you through those first steps!