Educational Support Services (ESS)

Terra has a unique partnership with Edmonton Public Schools (EPSB) that allows us to work collectively on site at Braemar School to offer supports, services, and programs that contribute to the educational success of the young mothers enrolled there.

ESS provides individual counselling, support group, parenting education, referral and advocacy to a student population of 100-160 young moms each academic year.

It is our goal to make sure each young mom arriving at Braemar School feels welcomed by both the staff of Braemar School and the Terra Centre ESS branch. We work together to ensure that everything is in place so mom can achieve her goal of completing her high school education and creating a successful life for her and her child.

Each young mother who enrolls in Braemar School has an Educational Support Worker, who acts as their go-to person throughout the year. Support can be provided in areas like:
  • Developing healthy relationships and boundaries
  • Accessing on site  services with our  Mental Health Recovery Facilitator
  • Accessing  onsite basic necessities for children from the Clothes Closet such as diapers, clothers, hygiene products
  • Referrals to additional community resources to lend further support
  • Accessing legal services, childcare, housing, funding

No question or concern is out of realm for our staff. They are there to assist our young moms and help them reach their educational and personal goals.  Above all else, they are a listening ear.

Along with providing personal support to young moms, ESS is also responsible for a variety of programs that are offered at Braemar School to benefit them as they work towards their high school graduation.

Programs offered through ESS at Braemar School:
  • Strengthening Hope Learner’s Bursary ProgramAssess financial need and distribute funding enabling students attending Braemar to complete their high school education.
  • Breastfeeding Program –Moms can attend group meetings or receive individual support if they have a specific question or concern.
  • Health for Two Program – A program for students who are about to become first time mothers. This program introduces participants to labour and delivery, and prepares them for what they can expect. Participants are provided information about birth control options for the future, fetal development, postpartum depression, newborn baby care, and can even take a tour at Royal Alexandra or Grey Nuns hospital.  Milk coupons are provided.
  • Crock Pot Group – Introduces young moms to healthy eating and cooking not just for themselves but for their child as well. Cost effective, simple recipes are provided in a group setting, and the meal is prepared in a Crockpot at the school during lunch hour. Moms are provided with the required ingredients and recipes. If a mother attends every Crock Pot Group meeting, she is given a crock pot. Empower U – Building Confident Futures and Financial Literacy Program – This program allows young mothers attending Braemar School to receive school credits for participating and learning about how to save money while in school, budgeting, and the basics of personal banking. ATB Financial matches any savings during the program up to a maximum of $200. If a mother saves the maximum $200, ATB Financial contributes $400, plus a $50 incentive for opening up a savings account. This totals $650 that the mother is able to spend on an educational item, such as a laptop and printer, or putting the money toward tuition costs for post-secondary schooling. This valuable education on money management provides our young mothers with life skills that enable them to make financially beneficial decisions for their families well into the future.
  • Clothes Closet Program – Terra has a Clothes Closet located on site at Braemar School.  The Clothes Closet on site at the school is open during lunch hours for young moms to access clothing, diapers, and other necessities for their child(ren).
  • Tax Clinic Program – This program ensures participants are able to access and complete their annual personal tax returns, allowing them to receive their Notice of Assessment from the Government of Canada. This is necessary for students to provide proof of their income that is required by other programs such as Alberta Daycare Subsidy; Terra Centre Housing Programs, and/or the Leisure Access Program through the City of Edmonton.
  • Books, Babies and MoreA program specifically focused on supporting children’s language, literacy and social skills so they have the ability to achieve success in everyday literacy activities in years to come. The program inspires interest in family literacy activities and inspires confidence in the parent’s ability to support their own literacy development as well as their child(ren)- in the hopes it will inspire lifelong learning.

In addition to these regular programs, Terra hosts various other events and days of appreciation for our young mothers that aim to inspire them, motivate them, and celebrate their achievements.

For more information about the programs Terra offers young mothers attending Braemar School, please contact our Educational Support Services Supervisor.

If you think that attending Braemar School and accessing the programs listed above could make a difference in your life, we encourage you to visit our Starting Point page. Getting started is much easier than you think, and our Starting Point Support Worker will be there to answer questions and address concerns every step of the way!