This is a Learning Story from our Child and Family Support Centre. Our Early Childhood Educators take opportunities to create experiences for the children they work with and make meaning that can be shared with the children’s parents. These learning stories help our young parents identify important developmental moments that they can model at home.

This is Noah’s Water Story:

I placed water in a pan for you, and at first you seemed hesitant, looking at the water, eyes full of wonder.

To encourage you, I placed my hand in the water first, creating tiny splashes. Your eyes focused on my hand, it seemed as if Curiosity was building in your mind.

After a few moments of calmly watching, you stretched your arm and created your first small splash. You froze and cooed “Ooouuu.” “Noah, what do you think?” I asked, and then the real dance began. Arms waving, water splashing. a connection between you and the water took place.

A few days later, after a diaper change, you rolled over on the change table and quickly made your way to the sink. An educator turned it on and you began reaching for the water. You swayed your arm in and out of the stream, mesmerized by the flow.

You seemed so happy and relaxed from the experience of the water and this exploration has since become a ritual for you. After a diaper change, we always leave a little time to recharge with some water.

A moment in time… To renew…recharge…and reset with water.

A note to Noah: Noah, water is such an amazing thing. Through her teachings, our elder Elsie has taught us how important water is. It is healing,  cleansing, and has the ability to re-center us in troubling times. Seeing you explore the water was so interesting, you become so focused and calmed when the faucet was turned on and it has become a part of your routine now, after a diaper change you always bring your body to the sink and have even begun to turn the tap on. It must be so relaxing to feel the water running between your fingers. I look forward to continue exploring water with you in different and bigger ways, maybe a bath? Or filling the sink with water for you to splash in?

A note to Noah’s mom, Erin: I just want to start by saying I love exploring water with your little man! He really seems to love it! I find water to be such a relaxing element and when I explore it with Noah, I notice it seems the same for him. He is so calm and aware when water is around. How do you feel when you are in or around water? I know you have mentioned how much he loves to have baths and I wonder if there are any other ways you explore water with him at home? Would you like to come down for a visit and explore water play with him in a tub? Do you have any photos of him in the tub?


Learning Story and Photos by:

Sarah B


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