Marion Barry is a long-time Terra volunteer. She sorts and organizes in-kind donations, such as children’s clothing, toys, toiletries and other essentials in the downtown Clothes Closet, one of three free donation centers for our teen parent families. Marion’s involvement began in 2010, when her daughter worked at our Braemar School location.

She and our other long-time dedicated volunteer, Sharon, are familiar and welcoming faces for the many young parents and children who stop by the Clothes Closet for necessities. “I just like being here,” Marion says about volunteering at Terra. “When I come here I don’t have to try to be happy — it comes naturally. This place is my saving grace. It has done as much for me as I do for [it].” Although she was once naïve to what teen parent families experience, she has learned a lot over the years and now feels a personal connection to them. “I feel like a mom to these girls,” she explains.

After volunteering in several other areas, such as baby showers, participant Christmas parties, fundraising events and childcare, Marion discovered that her true passion lies in the Clothes Closet. So much so that she sometimes even brings her tasks home with her!

Through dedicated leaders like Marion, the Volunteer Services program continues to thrive and make a meaningful difference in our families’ lives. We appreciate every moment she has shared with us over the past seven years! 

If you’re interested in volunteering with Terra, get in touch with us at 780-428-3772.