Thank you message from Paul Thorne, Terra’s Volunteer Coordinator

Over the past two years our volunteer program was significantly impacted by COVID-19 safety measures. We had to stop many of our volunteer activities and significantly modify the few remaining opportunities. Even with all the challenges and modifications, those who were able to support us had a massive impact in our work with teen parent families and we are grateful.

Your Impact Over the Past Year

  • 60 hours to support LOL 2021 which raised over $90,000.00 
  •  30 hours to deliver gifts to Terra Donors 
  • 440 hours to support the Winter Wear Donation Drive 
  • 100+ hours to support the C5 Hamper deliveries 
  • 300+ hours to support our Fort Road Bingos


Volunteer Perspective

We asked some of our volunteers to share their experience working with Terra and our teen parent families.


I have enjoyed being a part of the Terra community itself!  It has been interesting and valuable to experience a few different aspects of the program.  I have been part of the Family night dinners, spent time helping in the baby and toddler room, assembled Christmas and  clothing hampers and delivery of these hampers. I have assisted in organizing the Clothes Closet and participated in some celebrations.

I have observed the teen parents doing their best to provide safety and security for their children in their own ways. I have been so impressed with  the Terra staff in how they pivoted to meet the needs of the parents during the pandemic. They were there for their clients at a stressful, uncertain time for everyone. They were creative and flexible and demonstrated such commitment to the families. 

I love being part of the team and enjoy witnessing the parents attaching and caring for their children. It is a real blessing for me, thank you! 



I have learned through my volunteer experience with Terra that Teen parents  are able to succeed and thrive with supports and advocacy, which is what Terra does very well!

My volunteer experience with Terra has allowed me to be able to apply some of my skills and interests through the various volunteer activities which makes my experience enjoyable and rewarding. 

The ways in which Terra staff support and advocate for participants does not go unnoticed. As a volunteer I am happy to be able to contribute support to the staff as they do this. 


We are so honoured and humbled by our volunteer team, thank you again for all you do. We look forward to having you back in all of our spaces, helping us lift up teen parent families. Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week!