You can help young parents break the cycle of poverty.

Today’s uncertain economic times – combined with high rates of youth unemployment and a shifting job landscape – mean we must act now so our teen parents can confidently pursue and secure employment opportunities that will help them strengthen their families’ futures.  

You and I both want to see young families do BETTER than simply make ends meet – we want them to thrive. Together, we can do more to help lift young families out of poverty. By making a gift today, you can help provide teen parents with skills to achieve gainful employment. 

Earlier this year we launched the Ready to Work initiative . Thanks to a generous donation from RBC Future Launch, we are able to provide employment readiness, skill building and career exploration assistance through a teen parent-centered lens. We created this program to meet an urgent need in our communityAs we prepare to move into our new home, your support now is crucial to help us expand this program so more teen parents can transform their families’ futures.  

Help us raise $40,000 by December 31 to enable more teen parents to gain the skills necessary to successfully enter the work force.