Child Care for Young Families

While our teen parents are attending Braemar School enhancing their own learning experience, Terra ensures that their children are receiving a high quality learning experience at our accredited Child and Family Support Centre.

Professional, qualified Early Childhood Educators offer specialized child care for infants and toddlers while mom is completing her high school diploma.

The centre accommodates 67 children between the ages of three weeks and three years. Children are provided with nutritious meals and snacks, stimulating learning environments, and safe play spaces.  A public health nurse from Bonnie Doon Health Clinic makes regular visits to the centre to conduct onsite vaccinations and health check-ups.

Mothers are encouraged to visit with their child(ren) outside of class time. Accommodation and support is provided for nursing mothers.

Terra Child and Family Support Centre was the recipient of the 2015 Child Development Professional Award of Excellence in the Program category. The centre was also selected as a pilot site in 2012 for the research and development of Play, Participation, and Possibilities: An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta. Our child care centre continues to participate as a lighthouse site, serving as a program model for the province.

If you are a teen parent interested in attending Braemar School, here are some of the ways Early Childhood Educators at our Child and Family Support Centre support children registered in our program:

  • Provide a child care that is safe/secure and a learning environment
  • Stimulate a child’s natural curiosity, the desire to learn more about the immediate environment.
  • Enhance growth in all areas of development, physical, intellectual, social and emotional and creative. 
  • Lay the foundation for appropriate social interactions and the guiding of healthy relationships.
  • Support the parent child relationship

Children reading at the Child and Family Care Centre at Braemar School.

Our Early Childhood Educators also support parents by:
  • Ensuring you and your family feel welcome at the child care Centre.
  • Validating and supporting your role as a parent.
  • Developing a partnership with you
  • Sharing information with you on a regular ongoing basis.
  • Providing you with the appropriate parenting information, which will allow you to make well informed parenting choices.
  • Increasing your awareness of community resources  that can assist you in your role as a parent.

Our practice reflects deep knowledge in child care development and family dynamics; practice rooted in understanding of relationships, inspiring Early Childhood environments and new research in neuroscience.

We believe that:
  • Each child is a unique individual with varying needs, abilities, and interests.
  • Each child is viewed as a “whole” developing at different rates in all aspects, physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally and in the use of language. Children learn best in an atmosphere of trust and encouragement in an environment which encourages safe exploration. A child’s family has the most critical influence on the child’s development therefore it is essential that Early Childhood Educators approach each relationship with a child’s family as a partnership. 

If you are interested in taking a tour of Terra’s Child and Family Support Centre, please click here.

If you are a teen parent interested in attending Braemar School to complete your high school education, and would like to know more about how Terra can help, we encourage you to visit our Starting Point page. All it takes is one email or phone call!