Terra works with teen parent families to help them to create stable, healthy and secure homes for themselves and their children.

We see our families create stable living environments, raise healthy children and develop positive skills that enable them to do great things in all areas of their lives.

Our housing team does so much more than keep a roof over the heads of our families.

How Terra Helps

Terra’s Housing Support Services program provides individual and group support to help our families learn essential skills like budgeting, meal preparation and how to be good tenants and neighbours. This is a key part of preventing eviction and homelessness.

We know there are more families that we could be helping, but our lack of long-term funding limits our ability to do this.

We want to be there for all teen parent families who need our support. Join us in raising $20,000 by December 31 so that we can support more teen parents in creating homes for their families. Your support will help us build sustainable, multi-year funding so that we can ensure our families can access the resources and support they need to find and maintain a safe home.

You can help provide a strong foundation for young families to build healthy lives. Make your gift today to help more families transform their lives. There are many other ways to support Terra’s work. Learn about them here.

Make a Donation!

The Impact of your Gift

We’re compiling stories on Twitter to share how Housing Support Services has changed the lives of Terra participants. Use the hashtag #TerraPathtoSuccess to see their stories. We encourage you to join the conversation and share your first memories of living independently. What were your biggest challenges and how did you overcome them? What did you learn that you wish you would’ve known?