Terra is excited to be embarking on a capital campaign to fully realize our vision of a new home for teen parent families in Edmonton.  

After more than 5 years of searching, we have moved into a new building located in the mature community of Grovenor, 10320 – 146 Street. 

Our new home will be hub of activity and will allow Terra to introduce new programs and services to meet the current and future needs of teen parents in our community. 


Building Features 

Our new home is 20,130 sq-ft, more than double the size of our former downtown building. This two-story building will allow Terra to serve our families in ways we never have before. Some key building highlights include:

  • Intentional child development programming space to support early literacy and development screening 
  • A learning lab to support young parents in their employment and educational goals 
  • A collective kitchen to address food security, promote nutritious eating and provide families a space to cook and enjoy a meal together  
  • An expanded donations centre for teen parents to access essentials for themselves and their children 
  • Dedicated office space for Terra’s mental health support team 

We’re excited to be working with Reimagine Architects to bring our vision to life. We look forward to sharing the architectural renderings with you soon.


Building Stronger Futures Campaign  

Our total project cost is estimated at $6.8M. To date, Terra has raised $2.8M through donor support and government funding. We are embarking on a community capital campaign to raise the remaining $4M required. We have a team of engaged and visionary community members to support fundraising efforts. 


Campaign Cabinet

We’re thrilled to have a team of dedicated community leaders to help bring our vision to life. Learn more about our amazing volunteers below. 


Cheryll Watson

As the daughter of a young single mother, I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of Terra’s work supporting parents and families. Terra’s new centre will allow for the expansion of their work and the realization of their vision to build stronger futures. I’m honoured to play a role in helping them to achieve their fundraising goals. 

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Rowena Cui

I have had the honour of meeting many teen parents that have been impacted by Terra. Their stories all have a common message of Terra being a place of hope, welcome, and community. The new space will enable Terra to deepen their role as a key community builder and impact many young lives.

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Laura Haynes

As an alumnus, I have first-hand experience with Terra. My story, my experience, the success I’ve had in my life illustrate the profound, multi-generational impact Terra’s program has had in my life as a result of the support I received from Terra at a critical time in my life. Terra’s new building will give them the resources to ensure current and future needs can be met and stronger futures can be built that leaves a generational impact.

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Marni Pearce

Teen parents face the challenge of meeting not only their own development needs at a time of significant growth, but also the needs of their children. By supporting Terra and this project I believe we can help deepen and widen the supports and services provided and empower young families to thrive now and into the future.

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Terry Tobin

Families are an essential building block of a vibrant, healthy Edmonton. Terra Centre contributes to the vitality of our city by empowering teen parents with what they need to thrive. Terra helps teens who may be at risk find the supports they need so they can succeed and become valuable contributors to the city we are proud to call home. This is the kind of organization making a direct impact that I am proud to work with to make a real difference in my city.

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Caroline Gosling

Terra keeps children at the heart of their work. As an educator I know that children can thrive when they get the best start in life and Terra’s delivery of high-quality services fills me with hope for young families in Edmonton. I am proud be a part of ensuring more families in our community have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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To learn more about Terra’s exciting building project or how you can get involved, contact Kejina Robinson, Director, Fund Development, krobinson@terracentre.ca or 587-336-1564

Additional information about the building project can be found here.