Meet Terra’s Housing Support Services team: Tamarya Blums, Craig Boyle, Ropa Mamutse and Ashley Neumann. They work out of the ‘Terra House’—a residential home converted to a cozy office space, complete with a childcare space, kitchen, living room, garage and backyard—all of which makes a warm, welcoming space for our staff to support participants in the housing program.

The house is located across the street from the Brentwood townhomes where approximately 26 families live, all of whom are enrolled in Terra’s housing program. The housing team provides individual and group support to help our families learn essential skills like budgeting, meal preparation and how to be good tenants and neighbours. This is a key part of preventing eviction and homelessness.

“Being a new parent myself, I am learning a lot from the families I work with,” says Craig. “The relationships I see and the work that they do…it’s just amazing to see how they mature with their responsibilities.”

Our housing team equips families with the skills and confidence to create healthy, stable homes for their children.

Banner photo: Housing Support Services team (L to R), Ropa Mamutse, Tamarya Blums and Craig Boyle. Not pictured: Ashley Neumann.