November is Family Violence Prevention Month. It’s a time to raise awareness of available resources and supports so that we can work together to end family violence and build healthier relationships in our communities.

This year to help raise awareness, our staff made cupcakes topped with purple icing and family violence statistics to distribute to employees across the agency.

Cupcakes made by Terra staff to raise awareness internally about Family Violence Prevention Month.


The Government of Alberta defines family violence as an abuse of power in a family or other trusting relationship where people rely on each other. When someone experiences family violence, their well-being, security and survival are threatened.

Statistics Canada’s ‘Family violence in Canada: A statistical profile, 2017’ indicates that:

  • In 2017, there were 59,236 child and youth victims (aged 17 years and younger) of police-reported violence in Canada. Females represented over half (56%) of victims in this age group.
  • Of all child and youth victims of violence, 30% were victimized by a family member such as a parent, sibling or other family member.
  • Intimate partner violence represented close to one-third (33%) of all police reported violent crime in Canada.

If you or someone you know is affected by family violence, there are resources to help and people who care. Talk to someone you trust—breaking the silence is the first step.

  • Today Family Violence Help Centre: 780-455-6880
  • Family Violence Info Line: 310-1818 (toll free)
  • The Support Network: 780-482-4357
  • Know which safe place you will go to should you need to leave.
  • Keep your purse, wallet and keys safe and nearby at all times.
  • Keep important documents and money in a safe place (Alberta Health Care card, photo ID, bank card, etc.).
  • Keep a small bag of clothes packed and hidden.

Find more information on the following Government of Alberta webpages: Family Violence Prevention Month and What is Family Violence?.

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